Say bye to the 'time-for-money' trap and hello to daily morning Stripe 'You've been paid' notifications 💰💰.

Get live biz coaching and on-demand training from an award-winning coach for just $9/month.

There is NO contract and NO minimum months.

As an experienced business owner, you've mastered wearing multiple hats, and navigating the complexities of your business (you’ve also done your fair share of ‘throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks’ strategy - ami riiigghhhtt? 😆).

Now you're at a point in your life and business where you want a clear vision for the next 10 years. You want more time, freedom and a better way of doing things.

As such you're ready to challenge your current business model and embrace the online space, but you're left wondering 'Where the fk do I start?'

The answer is simple: Begin with the Genius To Gold Mini Membership

Here you’ll get the step-by-step plan, knowledge and tools you need to build the foundations of a sustainable, lean and profitable online business.

One where you can turn your expertise into income and achieve the freedom to do what you want when you want.

Friend, you’re great at what you do, and you love it, but you're ready for something more ...

Things in your business are good, however, you’re swamped with daily tasks, leaving little room for ‘working on your business’ or things outside your business AKA life.

You've honed your skillset and expertise for a while now, and if you're being honest with yourself, you feel like you need a new challenge or a direction.

You're not getting any younger, and you know that now is the time to level up your business. But how? You've heard creating an online education business is the way to go, and you're up for the challenge.

It's just that every “goo-ruu” is throwing advice your way: “Brand yourself! Set up a sales funnel. Post daily on social media. Make sales calls! Or join my bazillion-dollar coaching program for instant success!”


Amidst the advice avalanche, how do you figure this shiz out, especially when resources and time are tight?

Let Me Help You ...


Welcome to the monthly mini membership designed specifically for the skilled service provider and solopreneur in the health, fitness, and wellness space.

Go beyond your in-person services and create a 'fk-yes' lifestyle business that amplifies your impact, income and flexibility without adding more hours to your week (or selling your soul!)

With Genius To Gold Mini, you’ll get a step-by-step blueprint to start, navigate and thrive in online business.

When you join Genius To Gold Mini, you'll get:

The Roadmap

A simple step-by-step roadmap to follow for faster results

To sidestep mistakes and hours of wasted time

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. The Genius to Gold Method will make it simple and fast for you.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there is no financial risk for backing yourself, your new direction and building your online empire.

Get Instant Access To These Modules:

Clarifying Expertise

Use Chat GPT to highlight your sellable knowledge

Brand Messaging

Learn how to show up and create a standout brand online

Brand Values

Discover your business values and why this sets you apart

Unpacking You

Understand how you can monetise your knowledge

Customer Persona

Create a comprehensive guide to your ideal customer

Magnetic Messaging

Learn how to connect with your customer through messaging

These are just some of the available modules, and more are added each month.


$ 9 aud/m

  • Comprehensive roadmap that will help you go from idea to extra income
  • Dozens of bite sized video trainings that provide clear instructions
  • Private podcast so you can listen and learn on the go
  • Worksheets, templates and playbooks designed to speed up your processes
  • Fortnightly live Q and A sessions with Nardia

Genius To Gold is an aboslute Game Changer!

For less than the price of one double shot, almond milk iced cappuccino with a dash of hazelnut syrup coffee 🤣

your next 10 years can be the best yet.

Genius To Gold Is For

Skilled Health, Fitness + Wellness Solopreneurs/Service Providers:

Those who want to combine in-person services with online products

and want to create an online arm of their business that compliments their in-person, and expand their reach, impact and income.

Those who want to shift entirely online and change their business model

and want to stop in-person services but have no idea how to start their online business

Those looking to do more with their experience and expertise and create knowledge products

for more income, and impact and to change the direction of their current business

* This is not recommended for newly qualified people. We expect you to have real-world experience in helping others get results and that you understand your craft.

The Wall Of Love So Far ....

"I'm in awe of the absolute Everest size amount of value in this membership; it's the best $9 I'll ever spend!"

Join Genius To Gold Mini today.

$9/mth Aud.

  • No contract
  • Cancel anytime

A's To Your Q's

What exactly is Genius To Gold Mini?

Genius To Gold Mini is a low-cost, high-value monthly membership helping health, fitness and wellness professionals build the foundations of their lean and profitable online business (with an emphasis on creating your Signature Method or Framework). If you want to make money while you're sleeping, reach a greater number of people and get clarity of direction, then this is for you.

I'm still finishing my certification/or am new to the industry - is this for me?

Genius To Gold is for skilled professionals who have real-world experience in getting results for their clients in their given field. These professionals are looking for ways to leverage their expertise and time. If you are still completing your qualifications or are new to the industry, this probably isn't for you. My suggestion is to focus your efforts on learning your craft inside out and getting proven results.

What is a mini-membership?

A mini membership is a starting point and helps you achieve a very specific outcome. In this case, it’s to give you the steps to set up your online business foundations and explore the online space. Once you’re familiar with tech jargon and have followed the steps inside GTG you can jump into the more advanced Genius To Gold Lab (this monthly membership is for solopreneurs ready to scale with purpose and create an entire business ecosystem around their Signature Method).

I'm not tech savvy, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely!! I’ll walk through you through all the different aspects of technology and explain how they fit together and work. At the end of this you’ll be a pro! You will need access to a computer, wifi and some good ol' fashion work.

This sounds too good to be true - why is it only $9/mth?

There are two simple reasons. First, I want to give back and help as many solopreneurs as possible to have a fun, impactful and financially rewarding career.

As someone who's been in the fitness industry for 23 years, I've reached an age where I want to do something different for the next 10 years (but without completely starting from scratch). I love the whole world of digital marketing and product creation and I know how rewarding it is for anyone to get into. Which is why I want to share how with you.

Secondly, I normally charge between $997 and $10k for my high-ticket business coaching, which I love and still do. But that investment isn’t accessible for a lot of people (yet).

Since two of my core business values are accessibility and impact, I wanted to create a highly valuable and affordable program that any business owner could take part in. I’m super proud of this and want it to be an absolute no-fkn-brainer for you 👌🏽

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, if for whatever reason you’re not feeling into Genius To Gold Mini you can cancel at any time. A cancellation will revoke access to any content and our community.

Whats the difference between Genius To Gold Mini and Genius To Gold Lab?

Genius To Gold Mini is a micro membership that gives you the roadmap and tools to build the foundations of your online business. Genius To Gold Lab membership is way more advanced, covers a bigger range of business-building and scaling topics in more detail and has more individual feedback and 'hands-on' services. GTG Premium is limited to 200 people max and will be open in late-2024.

I'm a service provider in a different sector, but this sounds epic. Can I join?

Absolutely! As you'll learn inside the program, niching down your audience is crucial, and I lean towards those in health, fitness and wellness because that's been my professional arena for the past 20 years. However, the roadmap and the strategies I teach apply to ANY service provider or solopreneur. It doesn't matter if you're an accountant, relationship coach, therapist or dog trainer; the process will work for you. As long as you've got real-world experience in getting client results, and you're ok with most of my references and examples being drawn from health, fitness and wellness then we're good.

Who actually puts hazelnut syrup in their coffee?

I know … it’s a travesty, but apparently a thing 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

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